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1 .  Register 11 f.310 (recto) entry 1
Entry Type: Indenture
Section Type: Diverse letters
Summary: Indenture made between the archbishop of York and John de Clynton and his fellows, executors of the testament of William de Clynton, earl of Huntingdon [William de Clinton, first earl of Huntingdon], concerning the keeping of Joan and Margaret, sisters and heirs of John son of Robert Maunsel of Tirlyngton [Robert Maunsell of Tur Langton]; it was agreed through the mediation of the abbot of Leicester and Sir John de Charnels that Margaret would be delivered into the archbishop's care and he would have the marriage of her, and that the said Joan was already married so that the executors were discharged of her care.
Language: French
Subjects: Women, Sisters
Dates: Document date: 1357/08/17 (certain)
Places: Place of dating: Leicester, Leicestershire, England (none given)

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