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1 .  Register 12 f.110 (verso) entry 1
Entry Type: Last Will and Testament, Testament
Section Type: Diverse letters
Summary: Testament of Sir Simon Ward, knight; legatees include Joan, his wife, and Maud, Margaret and Joan, his daughters; executors: Joan, his wife and Nicholas de Esholt [Esshehald], chaplain (witnesses named).
Subjects: Women, Wives, Daughters
Dates: Document date: 1384/02/03 (certain)
People and Groups: Testator: Sir Simon Ward (knight)
Executor: Nicholas de Esshehald (chaplain)
Legatee/s: Joan [Ward] (daughter)
Legatee/s: Margaret [Ward] (daughter)
Legatee/s: Matilda/Maud [Ward] (daughter)
Residiary beneficiary: Joan [Ward] (executrix, wife)
Witness: Adam del Forest (none given)
Witness: John Cowe (none given)
Witness: John de Giselay (chaplain)
Witness: Thomas de Braynhous (none given)
Witness: William Skayf (none given)

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