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Allerton, Walter, fl 1306  
1 .  Register 5A f.73 (recto) entry 5
Entry Type: Letters curatorial
Section Type: Archdeaconry of the East Riding, Vacancy
Summary: Letters appointing Allerton as curator and coadjutor of Henry, rector of Aughton.
Language: Latin
Subjects: Curators, Coadjutors
Dates: Event date: 1306/01/09 (certain)
People and Groups: Incumbent: Henry, fl 1306, Rector of Aughton (rector)
Recipient, curator: Allerton, Walter, fl 1306, Curator and coadjutor of Rector (clerk); written as Walter de Allerton
Places: Benefice: Aughton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England (rectory); written as Aghton

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