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Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England  
1 .  Register 12 f.108 (verso) entry 52
Entry Type: Licence
Section Type: Diverse letters
Summary: Licence for Joan Taverner of Beverley, presumably to have masses celebrated in her oratory (no place specified).
Subjects: Licences, Women
Dates: Event date: 1375/00/00 (approximate, inferred) - 1376/00/00 (approximate, inferred); Note: Undated, but document perhaps created between 1375 and 1376; no place of dating given
People and Groups: Licensee: Joan Taverner (none given)
Places: Place of residence: Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England (none given)
2 .  Register 14 f.25 (verso) entry 1
Entry Type: Institution, Induction
Section Type: Register, Vicar-general
Summary: Institution by the vicar general and order to the official of the archdeacon of York for the induction of Brother John de Usflet [Ousefleet], canon of Drax, to the vicarage of Bingley (Bynglay), vacant following the resignation of Brother Richard de Ledis [Leeds], the last vicar; patron: prior and convent of Drax (two entries).
Dates: Document date: 1391/10/10 (certain)
Places: Place of dating: Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England (none given); written as Beverl'

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