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Greatham, Durham, England  
1 .  Register 16 f.62 (recto) entry 3
Entry Type: Exchange
Section Type: Archdeaconry of the East Riding
Summary: Certificate of Thomas de Weston, archdeacon of Durham, for an exchange of benefices between Thomas Whihot, vicar of Heighington, diocese Durham and John de Catton, rector of Folkton. He had received Catton's resignation and instituted Whihot to Folkton, on the presentation of Joan de Graystok, lady de Lucy. Sealed with the seal of the archdeaconry of Durham.
Subjects: Women, Seals, Gentry
References: Swanson, R.N. (ed.). 1981. A Calendar of the Register of Richard Scrope, Archbishop of York, 1398-1405. Part 1. Borthwick Texts and Calendars: Records of the Northern Province, 11. York: University of York, 63.
Dates: Document date: 1401/03/29 (certain)
Places: Place of dating: Greatham, Durham, England (town)

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