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Register 8 (1311-1315)   Girls  
1 .  Register 8 f.70 (verso) entry 5
Entry Type: Licence
Section Type: Archdeaconry of York
Summary: Licence to the prioress and convent of Clementhorpe (Sancti Clementis iuxta Ebor) to admit Christiana Cayli [? Cailli or Caley] up to the age of 9 years old, at the request of Nicholas de Cayli [?Cailli or Caley], her father, under the care of Joan de Saxton, fellow nun.
Subjects: Girls, Nuns, Religious Houses, Female, Women
References: Brown, William, and A. Hamilton Thompson. (eds.). 1934. The Register of William Greenfield Lord Archbishop of York 1306-1315 Part II. Surtees Society 149, 126-127.
Dates: Document date: 1312/11/12 (certain)
Places: Place of dating: Cawood, West Riding of Yorkshire, England (none given); written as Cawode

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