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1 .  Register 12 f.104 (verso) entry 6
Entry Type: Copy of Court Roll
Section Type: Diverse letters
Summary: Copy of court roll, court of the archbishop held at Ripon on 24 August 1377, Robert de Leeds [Leedes], steward of the liberty of Ripon presiding, with these present (presumably jurors): John de Topcliffe [Topcliff]; John de Hawkswick [Haukeswyk]; Walter de Leeds [Leedes]; John de Tanfield; Richard Sunnyght; William de Scotton and John Willmot [Willimot], who declared that John de Allhallowgate [Alhallougat']; John de Clynt senior and John de Wakefield [Wakfeld], chaplains, feoffees of all lands and tenements that were once of John de Sherwood [Shirwode] in Ripshire, had given the lands and tenements to John de Fencotes and Maud his wife.
Subjects: Deeds, Women, Wives
Dates: Event date: 1377/08/24 (certain)
People and Groups: Executrix: John de Shirwode (none given)
Feoffee: John de Clynt (chaplain)
Feoffee: John de Fencotes (none given)
Feoffee: John de Wakfeld (chaplain)
Feoffee: Matilda or Maud (wife)
Feoffee: Sir John de Alhalougat (chaplain)
Present: John Willimot (juror)
Present: John de Haukeswyk (juror)
Present: John de Tanfeld (juror)
Present: John de Topcliff (juror)
Present: Richard Sunnygt' (juror)
Present: Walter de Leedes (juror)
Present: William de Scotton (juror)
Presiding: Robert de Leedes (steward)
Places: Place of event: Ripon, West Riding of Yorkshire, England (archbishop's liberty); written as Ripon'

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