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1 .  Register 12 f.105 (verso) entry 3
Entry Type: Last Will and Testament, Testament
Section Type: Diverse letters
Summary: Testament of John of Leeds, rector of Methley; legacies to various churches, including in the deanery of Croydon and naming several legatees, including his sister, Joan, and two other women; executors: John Otre; John Coke, clerk, and John Pesmers.
Subjects: Books, Sisters, Women
References: Testamenta, p. 106
Dates: Document date: 1379/05/12 (certain)
People and Groups: Testator: John de Ledes (rector)
Executor: John Coke (clergy and representatives)
Executor: John Otre (none given)
Executor: John Pesmers (none given)
Places: Place of person status: Methley, West Riding of Yorkshire, England (church); written as Metheley
2 .  Register 8 f.160 (verso) entry 1
Entry Type: Memorandum, Licence
Section Type: Archdeaconry of the East Riding
Summary: Licence for Joan de Sutton, nun of Swine priory, to live for a time with her brother, Sir John de Sutton, knight, on account of her infirmity, at her brother's request.
Subjects: Sisters, Women, Nuns
References: Brown, William, and A. Hamilton Thompson. (eds.). 1936. The Register of William Greenfield Lord Archbishop of York 1306-1315 Part III. Surtees Society 151, 257.
Dates: Event date: 1315/05/06 (certain)
Places: Place of event: Wheatley, Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire, England (none given); written as Whetelawe iuxta Doncastr'
3 .  Register 11 f.310 (recto) entry 1
Entry Type: Indenture
Section Type: Diverse letters
Summary: Indenture made between the archbishop of York and John de Clynton and his fellows, executors of the testament of William de Clynton, earl of Huntingdon [William de Clinton, first earl of Huntingdon], concerning the keeping of Joan and Margaret, sisters and heirs of John son of Robert Maunsel of Tirlyngton [Robert Maunsell of Tur Langton]; it was agreed through the mediation of the abbot of Leicester and Sir John de Charnels that Margaret would be delivered into the archbishop's care and he would have the marriage of her, and that the said Joan was already married so that the executors were discharged of her care.
Language: French
Subjects: Women, Sisters
Dates: Document date: 1357/08/17 (certain)
Places: Place of dating: Leicester, Leicestershire, England (none given)
4 .  Register 9A f.279 (verso) entry 4
Entry Type: Licence
Section Type: Archdeaconry of Cleveland
Summary: Licence for William de Bereford and his fellow justices of Common Pleas that the assize of mort d'ancestor, brought by Thomas de Roston, Agnes his wife, and Joan her sister, against Gilbert de Aton over land in Wintringham (Winteringham juxta Malton) may be held during septuagesima, otherwise forbidden during that period.
Subjects: Sisters, Women, Wives
References: Robinson, D. B. (ed.). 1978. The Register of William Melton, Archbishop of York, 1317-1340. II. Canterbury and York Society, 71, 58.
Dates: Document date: 1320/01/30 (certain)
Places: Place of dating: Bishopthorpe, West Riding of Yorkshire, England (none given)

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