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1 .  Register 12 f.106 (recto) entry 1
Entry Type: Last Will and Testament, Testament
Section Type: Diverse letters
Summary: Testament of Sir Robert de Swillington [Swylyngton], junior, knight, naming his late wife as Christian or Christina, and several legatees, including Alice, his wife, and Joan and Isabel, his daughters, and making a legacy of two horses called Bayerd de Beckwith [Bekwith] and Bartram; executors: Alice, his wife; Robert de Swillington [senior], his uncle, and William de Swillington, his brother.
Subjects: Armour, Weapons, Swords, Women, Wives, Daughters
References: Testamenta, p. 107
Dates: Document date: 1379/05/23 (certain)
People and Groups: Testator: Robert de Swylyngton (knight, junior)
Executor: Robert de Swillyngton' (uncle, senior)
Executor: William de Swilyngton' (brother (family relation))
Executrix: Alice (wife)
Places: Place of dating: Swillington, West Riding of Yorkshire, England (none given); written as Swilyngton'

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