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1 .  Register 9A f.324 (recto) No folio 323 entry 7
Entry Type: Induction, Institution
Section Type: Archdeaconry of the East Riding
Language: Latin
Subjects: Institutions, Inductions, Religious Patrons
Note: Document issued in the name of Archbishop Melton; mandate for induction addressed to the archdeacon of the East Riding or his official.
References: David Robinson (ed.), The Register of William Melton Archbishop of York 1317-1340, 6, Canterbury and York Society 101 (2011).
Dates: Document date: 1318/05/04 (certain)
People and Groups: New incumbent: Airmyn, Richard, fl 1318-1329, Rector of Kirk Ella (priest)
Patron: Selby Abbey, Benedictine (abbot and convent)
Proctor: de la Gale, Master, Geoffrey, fl 1318, Clerk (clerk)
Places: Place of dating: Huntington, North Riding of Yorkshire, England

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