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1 .  Register 31 f.55 (recto) entry 1
Entry Type: Visitation Proceedings, Commission
Section Type: Archbishop Sandys
Language: Latin
Subjects: Commissions, Archbishops' Visitations, Visitations
Dates: Document date: 1578/00/00 (certain); Note: Day of the month and month left blank
People and Groups: Addressee: Blencowe, Anthony, d 1618, Provost of Oriel College, Oxford (master of arts, provost)
Addressee: Bickley, Thomas, c 1518-1596, senior, Bishop of Chichester (doctor of theology, warden)
Addressee: Culpepper, Martyn, d 1605, Vice Chancellor of Oxford University (doctor of medicine, warden, vice chancellor)
Addressee: Humphrey, Laurence, c 1526-1589, Dean of Winchester (doctor of theology, president, regius professor)
Addressee: James, William, 1542-1617, Bishop of Durham (master, doctor of theology)
Addressee: Lloyd, Griffith, d 1586, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford (principal, doctor of laws)
Addressee: Matthew, Tobias, ? 1544-1628, Archbishop of York (dean, doctor of theology)
Addressee: Yeldard, Arthur, c 1526-1599, President of Trinity College, Oxford (doctor of theology, president)
Issuer: Sandys, Edwin, ? 1519-1588, Archbishop of York (archbishop)
Places: Document dated at: Bishopthorpe, West Riding of Yorkshire, England (archbishop's manor)
Subject of visitation: Oxford, Oxford University, The Queen's College, Oxfordshire, England (college)

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