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1 .  Register 31 f.145 (recto) entry 1
Entry Type: Last Will and Testament, Will, Grant of Probate
Section Type: Archbishop Hutton
Language: English, Latin
Subjects: Last Wills and Testaments, Wills, Probate, Lands, Houses, Oxgangs, Household equipment, Money, Bonds, Clothing, Hats, Gold coins, Lambs, Servants, Barley, Local Poor People, Books, Timber, Shoes, New Testament, Horses, Vicars, Churchwardens, Debts, Legacies, Shepherds
References: YAS 93, p. 12
Dates: Probate date: 1603/01/28 (certain)
Will date: 1602/11/20 (certain)
People and Groups: Testator: Brown, George, d ? 1603, Vicar of Boynton (clerk)
Places: Place of person status: Boynton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England (vicarage)

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