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1 .  Register 31 f.64 (recto) entry 4
Entry Type: Acts for confirmation of election of dean, Citation to opposers, Declaration of contumacy, Allegations, Definitive sentence
Section Type: Archbishop Piers
Language: Latin
Subjects: Deans (Cathedral), Elections, Confirmations, Commissions
Dates: Date of holding court session: 1589/11/05 (certain)
People and Groups: Deliverer: Drinkell, William, fl 1589, ? Apparitor (unknown)
Deliverer: Corney, Thomas, fl 1586-1631, Rector of York St Cuthbert (vicar choral)
Former office holder: Hutton, Matthew, ? 1529-1606, Archbishop of York (doctor of theology)
Issuer: Piers, John, 1523-1594, Archbishop of York (archbishop)
New office holder: Thornborough, John, ? 1551-1641, Dean of York (bachelor of theology)
Present: Dodsworth, Matthew, fl 1590-c 1625, Chancellor of York (bachelor of laws)
Present: Edmondson, Thomas, fl 1589, Lettered (lettered)
Present: Fenay, Giles, fl 1579-? 1594, Notary Public (notary public)
Present: Hooke, Henry, fl 1597-1634, Archdeacon of York (clerk)
Present: Plumtree, Richard, fl 1589, Lettered (lettered)
Present: Spence, John, fl 1589, Lettered (lettered)
Present: Swinburn, Henry, fl 1576-1589, Notary Public (bachelor of laws)
Present: Thornborough, Giles, fl 1589, gentleman (gentleman)
Presiding: Gibson, Master, John, fl 1576, Official of Consistory Court of York (commissary, doctor of laws)
Proctor: Brocket, John, fl 1576, Notary Public and Proctor of the Consistory Court of York (notary public)
Proctor: Fothergill, William, fl 1576-1577, Deputy Principal Registrar of York (notary public)
Places: Event: York, York Consistory Court, York, England (court)

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