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1 .  Register 31 f.4 (verso) entry 4
Entry Type: Court Proceedings
Section Type: Vacancy
Language: Latin
Subjects: Benefice Causes, Disputed presentation, Inquisitions, Jurors
Dates: Date of holding court session: 1576/09/14 (certain); Note: Date taken from previous entry
Event date: 1576/10/01 (certain)
People and Groups: Juror: Fewell, Christopher, fl 1574-1582, Rector of Beverley St Nicholas (rector, clerk)
Juror: Bethell, Hugh, fl 1576, gentleman (gentleman)
Juror: Bucke, John, d 1588, Prebendary of Grindal (master of arts, rector)
Juror: Ellerker, Edward, fl 1576, esquire (esquire)
Juror: FitzRandall, John, d 1580, Rector of Winestead (rector)
Juror: Hellard, Thomas, fl 1576, of Ruston Parva (unknown)
Juror: Hodgson, Robert, fl 1576, of Burton Fleming (unknown)
Juror: Jackson, Anthony, fl 1576, of Killingraves, gentleman (gentleman)
Juror: Jackson, Robert, d 1591, Rector of Sigglesthorne (reader, clerk)
Juror: Kay, George, d 1598, Rector of Huggate (clerk, rector)
Juror: Lawson, Edward, fl 1576, of Beverley, gentleman (gentleman)
Juror: Lutton, William, fl 1576, of Thorneholme (unknown)
Juror: Markham, John, fl 1560, Vicar of Welton (clerk, vicar)
Juror: Mashley, Christopher, fl 1572-1580, Vicar of Swine (vicar, clerk)
Juror: Moore, Robert, fl 1576, gentleman (gentleman)
Juror: Nettleton, John, d 1597, junior, of Hutton Cranswick, gentleman (gentleman)
Juror: Pollard, William, d 1610, Rector of Londesborough (rector, master of arts)
Juror: Remington, Henry, fl 1576, of Lockington, gentleman (gentleman)
Juror: Ringrose, Robert, d 1580, Rector of South Dalton (clerk, rector)
Juror: Robinson, Leonard, d ? 1600, of Skipsea (unknown)
Juror: Slater, George, d 1590, Prebendary of Barnby (bachelor of theology, rector)
Juror: Smith, Melchior, d 1591, Prebendary of Apesthorpe (vicar, clerk)
Juror: Wilson, William, fl 1576, gentleman (gentleman)
Juror: Wright, Henry, fl 1572-1606, Subdean of York (bachelor of theology, rector)
Places: Meeting place: Walkington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England (parish church)
Event: York, York Consistory Court, York, England (court)

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