IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) is an international initiative to provide 'an interoperable technology and community framework for image delivery'. IIIF publish two standards, one for serving images, which allows others applications to make use of images in a standardised way, and another presentation, to enable the standardised description (an IIIF Manifest) of image collections for use in different tools. The project has implemented both standards.

For each register we provide an IIIF Manifest. This is a file containing structured (JSON) data compliant with the IIIF Presentation API (version 2) describing the register and its images.

This manifest can be ‘plugged’ into any IIIF compliant viewer, such as the Mirador Viewer.

The Biblissima Project is a hub for digital humanities projects in France which provides a demonstration version of the Mirador Viewer. It is possible to add your own IIIF Manifest to this demo site.

Available Manifests

Abp Inst AB 1: Institution Act Book (1545-1554: 1556-1568) Iiif

Abp Inst AB 2: Institution Act Book (1554-1558: 1561-1566: 1568-1572) Iiif

Abp Inst AB 3: Institution Act Book (1572-1619) Iiif

Abp Inst AB 4: Institution Act Book (1607-1628) Iiif

Abp Inst AB 5: Institution Act Book (1619-1630: 1632) Iiif

Abp Inst AB 6: Institution Act Book (1632-1640: 1642-1644: 1660-1668) Iiif

Abp Reg 1A: Walter de Gray (1215-1255) Major roll 1225-1235 Iiif

Abp Reg 1B: Walter de Gray (1215-1255) Minor roll 1235-1255 Iiif

Abp Reg 2: Walter Giffard (1266-1270) Iiif

Abp Reg 3: Wiliam Wickwane (1279-1285) Iiif

Abp Reg 4: John Le Romeyn (1286-1296) Iiif

Abp Reg 5: Henry Newark (1298-1296) Iiif

Abp Reg 5A: Sede Vacante Registers Iiif

Abp Reg 6: Thomas Corbridge (1300-1304) Iiif

Abp Reg 7: William Greenfield (1306-1315) Part I 1306-1311 Iiif

Abp Reg 8: William Greenfield (1306-1315) Part II 1311-1315 Iiif

Abp Reg 8A: Greenfield, Visitation of Durham, deaneries of Alnwick, Bamburgh, Corbridge, Darlington and Newcastle upon Tyne, 1311 Iiif

Abp Reg 8B: Greenfield, Visitation of Durham, deaneries of Alnwick, Bamburgh, Corbridge, Darlington and Newcastle upon Tyne, 1311 (contemporary copy of 8A) Iiif

Abp Reg 9A: William Melton (1317-1340) Iiif

Abp Reg 9B: William Melton (1317-1340) Iiif

Abp Reg 10: William Zouche (1342-1352) Iiif

Abp Reg 10A: William Zouche (1342-1352) Ordination register Iiif

Abp Reg 11: John Thoresby (1352-1373) Iiif

Abp Reg 12: Alexander Neville (1374-1388) Iiif

Abp Reg 13: Formulary, including Visitation of Beverley, Mar-May 1381 Iiif

Abp Reg 14: Thomas Arundel (1388-1396) Iiif

Abp Reg 15: Robert Waldby (1397) Iiif

Abp Reg 16: Richard Scrope (1398-1405) Iiif

Abp Reg 17: Henry Bowet (1407-1423) Part II [register extra diocesim] Iiif

Abp Reg 18: Henry Bowet (1407-1423) Part I Iiif

Abp Reg 19: John Kempe (1425-1452) Iiif

Abp Reg 20: William Booth (1452-1464) Iiif

Abp Reg 21: George Neville (1465-1476) Part I [register extra diocesim] Iiif

Abp Reg 22: George Neville (1465-1476), Laurence Booth (1476-1480) Iiif

Abp Reg 23: Thomas Rotherham (1480-1500) Iiif

Abp Reg 24: Thomas Rotherham (1480-1500), contemporary working copy (1480-1487) Iiif

Abp Reg 25: Thomas Savage (1501-1507) Iiif

Abp Reg 26: Christopher Bainbridge (1508-1514): Sede Vacante Register 1514 Iiif

Abp Reg 27: Thomas Wolsey (1514-1530) Iiif

Abp Reg 28: Edward Lee (1531-1544) Iiif

Abp Reg 29: Robert Holgate (1545-1554): Nicholas Heath (1555-1559) Iiif

Abp Reg 30: Thomas Young (1561-1568): Sede Vacante Register (1568-1570): Edmund Grindal (1570-1576) Iiif

Abp Reg 31: Sede Vacante Register (1576): Edwin Sandys (1577-1588): John Piers (1589-1594): Matthew Hutton (1595-1606): Tobias Matthew (1606-1628) Iiif

Abp Reg 32: Samuel Harsnett (1629-1631), Richard Neile (1632-1640), John Williams (1641-1650) Iiif

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