Register 9A f.326 (verso) 
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Archdeaconry of the East Riding
Summary: Commission to Master Robert de Heslarton [Heslerton], official of York, and Thomas de Cave, receiver of York, to correct and reform defects found during the archbishop's visitation of the deaneries of Bulmer, Buckrose, Dickering, Harthill, Holderness, and the town and deanery of Beverley; with similar letters for Master Richard de Melton, rector of Brandesburton, and Richard de Grimeston [Grimston], rector of a moiety of Goodmanham (Gughmundham) (two entries).
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Robinson, D. B. (ed.). 2011. The Register of William Melton, Archbishop of York, 1317-1340. VI. Canterbury and York Society 101, 18.
Date: 1318/08/29 (certain)
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Laneham, Nottinghamshire, England
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none given

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