Relgious Houses, Groups and Organisations

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Aumale Abbey, Benedictine
Bardney Abbey, Benedictine
Blyth Priory, Benedictine
Bolton Priory, Augustinian Canons
Bridlington Priory, Augustinian Canons
Byland Abbey, Cistercian
Carlisle Cathedral, Dean and Chapter
Carlisle Cathedral, Vice Dean and Chapter
Cartworth, Inhabitants
Chester Cathedral, Dean and Chapter
Coverham Abbey, Premonstratensian Canons
Drax Priory, Augustinian Canons
Durham Cathedral, Dean and Chapter
Durham St Cuthbert Priory, Benedictine
Durham diocese, Clergy and People
Giggleswick, Inhabitants
Gloucester, St Oswald's Priory, Augustinian Canons
Guisborough Priory, Augustinian Canons
Halam, Inhabitants
Kirkham Priory, Augustinian Canons
Kirklees Priory, Cistercian
Kirkstall Abbey, Cistercian
Lenton Priory, Cluniac
Lincoln Cathedral, Subdean and Chapter
Manchester Collegiate Church, Warden and Fellows
Marton Priory, Augustinian Canons
Meaux Abbey, Cistercian
Midgley, Inhabitants
Monk Bretton St Mary Magdalen Priory, Benedictine
Norton, Parishioners
Norwich Cathedral, Dean and Chapter
Nun Appleton Priory, Cistercian
Nunburnholme Priory, Benedictine
Peterborough Cathedral, Dean and Chapter
Ripon Collegiate Church, Dean and Chapter
Sallay Abbey, Cistercian
Selby Abbey, Benedictine
Sempringham Priory, Gilbertine Nuns and Canons
Southwell Minster, Chapter
Southwell Minster, Chapter and Prebendaries
Stainfield Priory, Benedictine
Swine Priory, Cistercian
Warter Priory, Augustinian Canons
Watton Priory, Gilbertine Nuns and Canons
Whitby Abbey, Benedictine
York Holy Trinity Priory, Benedictine
York Minster, Chapter
York Minster, Dean and Chapter
York St Clement Priory, Benedictine
York St Mary Abbey, Benedictine

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