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Abberbury, Master, Thomas, d 1307, Prebendary of Wetwang
Abberwick, Hugh, fl 1332-1349 or earlier, father of William de Abberwick, Chancellor of York 1332-1349
Abberwick, Master, William, d 1349, Chancellor of York
Abbot, George, 1562-1633, Archbishop of Canterbury
Abbott, James, fl 1576, administrator of goods of Thomas Abbott
Abbott, John, fl 1576, administrator of goods of Thomas Abbott
Abbott, Thomas, d 1576, Rector of Slaidburn
Acaster, Nicholas, fl 1305, Vicar of Bishopthorpe
Acclom, Henry, fl 1402, Patron of Acclom chantry
Acroide, Roger, d 1617, Archdeacon of York
Acton, Master, John, d by 25 March 1351, Prebendary of Welton Ryval
Addestoke, John, fl 1401, Priest
Adewyk, John, fl 1399, Vicar of Ferry Fryston
Aglionby, Bernard, fl 1561-1577, Registrar of Bishop of Carlisle
Aimery, Hugh, d 1348, Bishop of St Paul Trois Chateaux
Airmyn, Richard, fl 1318-1329, Rector of Kirk Ella
Aismunderby, Richard, d 1400, Chantry chaplain, Ripon Minster
Ak, Alice, fl 1318, Widow of John of Ak
Ak, John, d before 16 March 1318, Intestate
Alberti, Niccolo, 1250-1321, Cardinal Bishop of Ostia-Velletri
Aldbrough, William, fl 1579, witness to consecration of Bishop of Chester
Aldred, William, d 1628, Rector of Colwick
Aldrich, Robert, d 1616, Rector of Wollaton
Aliotti, Lewis, fl 1398-1402, Papal nuncio and collector, Bishop of Volterra
Allaby, James, d ? 1613, Rector of Fledborough
Allanson, John, d 1600, Vicar of Tuxford
Allerthorp, Lawrence, d 1406, Prebendary of Ulleskelf
Allerton, John, d 1620, Rector of Long Marston
Allerton, Walter, fl 1306, Curator and coadjutor of Rector
Allerton, William, d ? 1585, Rector of Eastwood
Alured, Benjamin, d ? 1628, Rector of Rise
Alwyne, Hugh, fl 1315, Former Reeve of Southwell
Amecotes, Robert, fl 1311-1313, Keeper of lands of the Knights Templar in Yorkshire
Andrew, d by 1576, former Rector of Averham
Angrom, Walter, fl 1305, Acolyte
Anlaby, Thomas, fl 1405, Priest
Anstan, William, fl 1304, Priest
Appleby, Roger, fl 1382-1401, Prior of Nuneaton
Appleby, Thomas, d 1395, Bishop of Carlisle
Appleton, Henry, d ? 1641, of Upper Poppleton
Appleton, William, fl 1577, Deliverer of royal letters
Appylgarth, Robert, fl 1405, Priest
Arches, Godfrey, fl 1312, Former Knight Templar
Areshom, Walter, fl 1399, Priest
Armstrong, Hugh, d 1642, Rector of Rempstone
Arnall, Richard, fl 1398, Carmelite Monk
Artaud, fl 1306, Prior of Etoutteville
Asheburne, Christopher, d 1584, Prebendary of North Newbald
Ashton, Christopher, d ? 1617, Vicar of Thorney
Ashton, John, fl 1313, Intermediary
Ashwell, Brother, John, fl 1313-1315, Receiver in the bailiwick of Churchdown
Askeham, Hamond, fl 1401, Visitor of The Queen's College, Oxford
Askwith, John, d 1578, Rector of Hawnby
Aslaby, George, d ? 1595, Vicar of Tickhill
Aslackby, Alan, fl 1305, Rector of Adlingfleet
Aslackby, William, d 1313, Abbot of Selby
Aspden, Miles, d ? 1612, Rector of Dinnington
Aspinall, Miles, d ? 1578, of Great Mearley, near Clitheroe
Assarto, Eudo, fl 1313-1315, Chamberlain of Archbishop of York
Asserio, Rigaud, d 1323, Bishop of Winchester
Asshebury, William, fl 1400, Rector of a mediety of High Hoyland
Assheton, Master, Matthew, fl 1387-1396, Prebendary of Langtoft
Aste, Master, Roland, fl 1335-1336, Papal nuncio
Aston, John, d 1614, Rector of Plumtree
Atherton, John, d 1598, Rector of Gilling
Atkinson, George, fl 1576, of Basford
Atkinson, John, fl 1576, Notary Public
Atkinson, Robert, fl 1574, legatee of Robert Paley
Atkinson, William, d ? 1593, Rector of Hickling
Atwell, William, fl 1403, Priest
Aubrey, William, 1529-1595, Vicar General of Province of Canterbury
Aubyn, Hugh, fl 1324-1331, Prior of York, Holy Trinity
Aucher, Dame, Margaret, d by 16 June 1329, Abbess of Shaftesbury
Auckland, Edmund, d 1600, Vicar of Braithwell with Bramley
Auckley, William, fl 1576, legatee of Humphrey Gabbitas
Averham, Robert, fl 1312, Ordinand
Averinges, William, fl 1305, recipient of letters dimissory
Aylmer, John, d 1594, Bishop of London
Aylward, Richard, fl 1312, Clerk
Ayr, William, fl 1398, Franciscan Monk
Babington, Zachary, fl 1577-1599, Canon Residentiary of Lichfield
Bacon, Henry, d ? 1623, Rector of Clifton
Bacon, John, fl 1383-1385, Archdeacon of Richmond
Bacon, Richard, fl 1576, Patron of Crosby Ravensworth Vicarage
Bacon, Roger, d ? 1628, Rector of Winthorpe
Badefosse, Pey, d 1318, Merchant of Gascony
Bainbridge, Daniel, d 1629, Rector of Wickersley
Baines, Giles, d ? 1589, Vicar of North Ferriby
Baker, Edward, d ? 1587, Vicar of Burstwick
Balaeto, William, d before 6 March ? 1322, Archdeacon of Friuli; Papal Nuncio
Balderby, Ralph, fl 1399, Priest
Balderston, William, d 1612, Rector of Nuthall
Bales, Christopher, c 1618, Rector of Nunnington
Bales, Samuel, d 1620, Vicar of Yedingham
Balle, William, fl 1312, Clerk (in Holy Orders)
Banks, Henry, d 1633, Precentor of York
Banks, Thomas, d 1616, Rector of Slaidburn
Banks, William, d 1641, Prebendary of Bugthorpe
Banks, fl 1576, legatee of James Pilkington, Bishop of Durham
Barde, William, fl 1315, Marshal of house of Archbishop of York
Bardelby, Robert, fl 1305-1321, Prebendary of Dunnington
Bardon, John, d 1613, Prebendary of Bugthorpe
Barker, Richard, fl 1576, of Egmanton
Barker, William, fl 1579-1585, Rector of Wycliffe
Barlow, William, d c 1658, Prebendary of Strensall
Barnard, George, d 1639, Prebendary of Normanton, Southwell Minster
Barnard, Master, John, fl 1399, Rector of Kirkleatham
Barnburgh, Brother, John, fl 1398, Dominican Monk
Barneby, Robert, fl 1311, Clerk (in Holy Orders)
Barnes, George, d 1617, Rector of Middleton on the Wolds
Barnes, Richard, ? 1532-1587, Bishop of Durham
Barnes, Thomas, d ? 1565, Rector of Sessay
Barnet, John, fl 1403, Canon of York
Barnsley, George, d ? 1578, Rector of Tankersley
Baron, Richard, fl 1402, Priest
Barrington, Sir, Thomas, 1530-1581, knight
Barrington, Winifred, fl 1576, wife of Sir Thomas Barrington
Barroso, Pedro, d 1348, Papal nuncio
Barrow, Francis, d 1638, Rector of Langar
Barton, Brian, d ? 1627, Rector of South Collingham
Barton, Edmund, fl 1401, Rector of Barton le Street
Barton, Henry, fl 1360-1388, Precentor of York
Barwick, Lancelot, d ? 1614, Vicar of Harewood
Barwick, Robert, d ? 1609, Rector of Staunton in the Vale
Basely, William, fl 1401, Priest
Bassett, John, fl 1404, Priest
Bastwick, John, ? 1595-1654, religious controversialist and pamphleteer
Bateson, Robert, fl 1574, witness to will of Robert Paley
Battersby, Anthony, d ? 1618, Vicar of Hooton Pagnell
Batts, John, d 1613, Vicar of Newark
Bayley, Richard, ? 1586-1667, Archdeacon of Nottingham
Bayley, Thomas, d 1636, of Hive, yeoman
Bayne, William, fl 1403, Scholar
Beamand, Robert, d 1576, witness to will of William Nutt
Beard, William, d ? 1598, Rector of Kirk Smeaton
Beaufort, Master, Henry, c 1375-1447, Cardinal
Beaumont, Louis, d 1333, Bishop of Durham
Beaumont, Sir, Henry, fl 1311
Bec Crespin, Michel, d 1318, Cardinal Priest of S. Stefano al Monte Celio
Beckingham, Master, Robert, fl 1312, Rector of Houghton
Beckingham, Thomas, d 1599, Rector of Bilsthorpe
Bedale, Thomas, fl 1318, Excommunicated
Bedwyn, Walter, fl 1301-1330, Treasurer of York
Beedham, Thomas, d 1636, of Norwell, joiner
Bek, Anthony, c 1245-1311, Bishop of Durham
Belby, Thomas, fl 1312, Former Knight Templar
Bell, Guy, d 1635, Rector of Thormanby
Bell, Thomas, d ? 1619, Vicar of Felixkirk
Bell, Thomas, d ? 1620, Vicar of Scalby
Bell, Thomas, d ? 1637, Prebendary of South Newbald
Bellamy, Robert, fl 1573-1589, Canon of the 3rd Prebend, Durham Cathedral
Bellard, Thomas, d 1605, Vicar of North Cave
Bellardi, Collucio, fl 1294-1312, Merchant of the Society of Bellardi of Lucca
Bellardi, Vanne, ? d by 1316, Merchant of the Society of Bellardi of Lucca
Bellew, Stephen, fl 1314-1315, Archbishop's Bailiff of Southwell
Belliard, Roger, d 1611, Vicar of Egmanton
Bellingham, Thomas, fl 1576, local witness to serving of citation
Bellwood, John, d ? 1633, Rector of Dalby
Bellwood, Roger, d ? 1646, Rector of York St Crux
Bellwood, Thomas, d 1623, Vicar of Bilton
Belvoir, Robert, fl 1305, grantor of rent
Benet, Sir, John, c 1553-1627, Knight, Vicar General of Province of York
Bennett, Thomas, fl 1576, mentioned in will of Henry Daintith
Bennett, Thomas, fl 1577, Vicar of Eglingham
Bennett, William, d 1583, Canon of 4th Prebend in Durham Cathedral
Bennett, William, d 1632, Rector of Shelton
Benson, Thomas, d 1644, Prebendary of Holme (Archiepiscopi)
Bensted, John, fl 1305, Rector of Catton
Bentley, George, d 1600, Rector of Crofton
Bentworth, Master, Richard, d 1339, Bishop of London
Bergh, William, fl 1402, Priest
Bernard, Master, John, fl 1404, Priest
Beroby, William, fl 1402, Rector of Garforth
Berridge, Edith, d ? 1639, of Byram, widow
Berringer, William, d 1634, Rector of Goodmanham
Besakyll, John, d by 1586, Rector of Goxhill
Beswyk, Robert, fl 1398, Vicar of the parish church of the South part of Norwell
Bethell, Hugh, fl 1576, gentleman
Beverley, Master, Philip, fl 1318, Rector of Keyingham
Beverley, Master, William, fl 1304, Rector of a moiety of the church of Thwing
Bevett, Edward, fl 1576, gentleman
Bew, William, d ? 1613, Prebendary of Ripon
Bews, Anthony, d ? 1642, Rector of High Hoyland
Bickley, Thomas, c 1518-1596, senior, Bishop of Chichester
Bilcliffe, Edward, d ? 1619, Vicar of Skeckling
Bilton, Thomas, fl 1399, Vicar of Tickhill
Bing, Andrew, 1574-1652, Subdean of York
Bingham, Brother, Richard, fl 1312, Carmelite friar; Priest
Bingham, William, fl 1315, Payee of Archbishop of York
Binks, William, d 1587, Vicar of Felixkirk
Binns, John, fl 1615-1640, Curate of Holmfirth
Birchwood, Richard, fl 1576, legatee of William Nutt
Bird, Peter, fl 1401, Priest
Birdsall, John, fl 1304-1312, Abbot of Kirkstall
Birdsall, Maud, fl 1314, Formerley wife of William de Birdsall, collector of the farms of the Archbishop of York at Beverley
Birkhead, John, fl 1402-1403, Priest
Birkhead, Thomas, d 1599, Rector of Gamston
Birks, Ellis, d ? 1625, Rector of Goxhill
Bishop, Thomas, d ? 1642, Rector of West Retford
Blackburn, Thomas, d ? 1614, Clerk (?in Holy Orders)
Blackman, James, fl 1576, witness to will of William Nutt
Blackwood, Robert, fl 1576-1593, Vicar of Walesby
Blake, John, d ? 1623, Rector of Slaidburn
Blakiston, Marmaduke, fl 1615-1625, Archdeacon of the East Riding
Blakiston, Robert, d 1635, Canon of the 7th Prebend, Durham Cathedral
Blakiston, Thomas, d ? 1660, Prebendary of Wistow
Bland, William, d ? 1639, of Stillington
Blencowe, Anthony, d 1618, Provost of Oriel College, Oxford
Blundstone, Nicholas, fl 1576, supervisor of will of Matthew Torte
Blunsdon, Henry, d 1316, Archdeacon of Dorset
Blunsdon, Robert, fl 1309-1313, Steward of the household of the Archbishop of York
Blyth, John, d 1583, Rector of Kirton
Boake, James, d ? 1636, of Waplington
Boleyn, George, d 1603, Prebendary of Ulleskelf
Bolland, Robert, d 1610, Rector of Oswaldkirk
Bollesore, John, fl 1405, Clerk
Bolton, John, fl 1304, Patron of Bolton by Bowland
Bolton, Roger, d ? 1595, Vicar of Carleton in Craven
Bolton, Thomas, d 1413, Abbot of Whitby
Bolton, William, d ? 1614, Rector of York St George/St Mary Bishophill senior
Bolton, William, fl 1576, Rector of Treswell, west moiety
Bonaiuncta, Peter, fl 1313, Merchant of the Society of Bardi of Florence
Bondman, William, fl 1315, Payee of Archbishop of York
Boniface, fl 1332-1340, Suffragan Bishop of Krbava (Corbavia)
Boresworth, Robert, fl 1400, ordinand
Boroughbridge, William, fl 1313-1315, Bailiff of the Archbishop of York at Sherburn
Bossall, John, d ? 1617, Rector of Thwing
Boston, John, d c 1660, Prebendary of Barnby
Botterell, Thomas, d 1620, Vicar of Reighton
Bottlesham, Master, John, d 1404, Prebendary of Osbaldwick
Botyler, John, fl 1404, Rector of Winterbourne, diocese Worcester
Botylere, Joan, fl 1314, Payee of Archbishop of York
Bourne, Osmond, d ? 1642, Rector of Treeton
Bowen, Maurice, d ? 1640, of Cawood, gentleman
Bowes, Thomas, d ? 1612, Rector of Barton in Fabis
Bowet, Master, Henry, d 1423, Archbishop of York
Bows, Thomas, fl 1399, Rector of West Rounton
Boynton, Sir, Thomas, 1523-1587, Sheriff of Yorkshire
Boyton, John, fl 1577, witness to acts for confirmation of election of Bishop of Carlisle
Bradford, Robert, fl 1576, esquire
Bradforth, John, fl 1402, Scholar
Bradley, John, fl 1401, Priest, of the archbishop's household
Bradley, Thomas, d 1625, Vicar of Huntington
Braithwaite, James, fl 1576, supervisor of will of William Nutt
Braithwaite, William, d 1601, Rector of Nunburnholme
Bramhall, Isabel, fl 1576, legatee of William Nutt
Bramhall, John, 1594-1663, Prebendary of Husthwaite
Bramham, William, fl 1401, Priest
Brammelay, Henry, fl 1399, Vicar of Sheffield
Brand, Peter, d ? 1624, Vicar of Atwick
Brandon, Reginald, d c 1306, Prebendary of Saltmarsh
Brawn, Mark, d ? 1638, of Sutton, husbandman
Bray, Oliver, d 1615, Vicar of Worksop
Brearcliffe, William, d ? 1644, Vicar of North Cave
Brearley, Anne, fl 1576, legatee of William Nutt
Brearley, Robert, fl 1576, supervisor of will of Humphrey Gabbitas
Brereton, Alice, d 1578, of Barlow
Brereton, George, fl 1581, of Ashley
Brereton, Richard, fl 1581, of Tatton
Brereton, Sir, William, c 1550-1631, of Brereton
Breton, William, fl 1320-1340, Prior of Shelford
Bretten, James, d 1593, Vicar of Mansfield
Bricknell, John, d ? 1643, Vicar of Osmotherley
Bridgeman, John, c 1577-c 1652, Bishop of Chester
Bridsall, Brother, Peter, fl 1400, Canon of Healaugh Park priory
Brigg, Henry, fl 1576, local witness to serving of citation
Briggs, George, fl 1576, supervisor of will of Henry Dainttith
Briggs, Martin, d ? 1639, Rector of Barmston
Bright, Timothy, d 1615, Rector of Barwick in Elmet
Briscoe, Robert, d ? 1636, of Cawood, yeoman
Briskin, Griffin, d ? 1608, Prebendary of Osbaldwick
Briskin, John, d ? 1624, Vicar of Skeckling
Bristol, John, fl 1320-1337, Collector of alms
Brocket, John, fl 1576, Notary Public and Proctor of the Consistory Court of York
Brogden, William, d 1588, Rector of Birkin
Brogden, William, d ? 1619, Rector of Burnsall
Brogden, William, fl 1554-1576, Vicar of Womersley
Broghton, John, fl 1400, Priest
Bromley, Joan, fl 1576, legatee of Henry Daintith
Brompton on Swale, Robert, fl 1312, Clerk (in Holy Orders)
Brook, Samuel, c 1575-1631, Archdeacon of Coventry
Brooke, George, d ? 1614, Rector of Winestead
Brooke, John, d 1615, Vicar of Wressle
Brooke, John, d 1617, Precentor of York
Brooke, Marmaduke, d ? 1616, Rector of Roos
Brooke, Richard, fl 1624, Notary Public
Brother, Ralph, fl 1305, General Proctor of Aumale abbey in England
Broughton, Thomas, fl 1576, administrator of goods of Roger Carter
Broughton, William, fl 1403, Priest
Brown, Edmund, d ? 1578, Vicar of North Cave
Brown, George, d ? 1603, Vicar of Boynton
Brown, John, d ? 1599, Vicar of Willerby
Brown, Thomas, d ? 1636, Vicar of Keighley
Brown, William, fl 1315, Reeve of Laneham
Browne, Robert, fl 1576-? 1592, Vicar of Burton Fleming
Bruen, Robert, d ? 1637, Vicar of Markham Clinton
Bryan, William, fl 1389, Prebendary of Warthill
Bubwith, Nicholas, d 1424, Archdeacon of Richmond
Bubwith, Richard, d ? 1627, Vicar of Rothwell
Buck, Simon, d ? 1616, Rector of Carlton in Lindrick
Buckeridge, John, d 1631, Bishop of Rochester
Budesby, Brother, Roger, fl 1403, Canon of Marton
Bukler, Adam, fl 1402, Vicar of Strensall
Bull, John, fl 1579, Lettered
Buller, Thomas, d ? 1632, of Preston
Bulmer, Sir, Ralph, d after 1342, knight; Patron of Bulmer
Bunnell, Thomas, d ? 1644, Rector of Moor Monkton
Bunney, Edmund, 1540-1618, Subdean of York
Bunney, Francis, d 1617, Archdeacon of Northumberland
Burbage, John, fl 1322-1330, Prior of Arbury
Burdett, Henry, fl 1593-1594, Lessee of Silkstone Rectory
Burdett, William, fl 1576, legatee of Matthew Torte
Burgess, John, fl 1576, Patron of Hockerton Rectory
Burgess, Robert, d ? 1593, Vicar of Burstwick
Burgeys, John, fl 1405, Priest
Burgh, Sir, Alexander, fl 1318-1322, Knight, Grantee of licence
Burgh, Thomas, fl 1304, Patron of High Hoyland
Burghersh, Henry, c 1290-1340, Bishop of Lincoln
Burghill, John, fl 1398-1414, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield
Burgoyne, Francis, d ? 1633, Canon of the 8th Prebend, Durham Cathedral
Burland, Robert, d 1585, Succentor of Vicars Choral of York Minster
Burley, Robert, d 1410, Abbot of Fountains
Burnel, Master, William, d 1304, Prebendary of Ampleforth
Burnham, Brother, William, fl 1399, Canon of St Oswald's priory, Nostell
Burnsall, William, d ? 1642, Rector of Sproatley
Burstall, Master, Thomas, fl 1400-1401, Prebendary of Bilton
Burton, John, fl 1314, Reeve of Beverley
Burton, Master, Thomas, fl 1577, Proctor of Bishop of Durham elect
Burton, Richard, d 1615, Prebendary of Fridaythorpe
Burton, Richard, fl 1312-1313, Bailiff of the Archbishop of York at Ripon
Burton, William, fl 1304, Priest
Bush, Master, John, fl 1318-1325, Sacrist of the chapel of York St Mary and Holy Angels, York
Busshe, Master, John, fl 1305, Sacrist of the chapel of St Mary and the Holy Angels, York
Butterwick, William, fl 1305, Rector of St Michael Spurriergate, York
Buxton, Master, William, fl 1313-1315, Household clerk of Archbishop of York
Bybury, Master, Walter, fl 1307-1315, Dean of Ripon
Byrde, Richard, d 1609, Archdeacon of Cleveland
Byron, Master, John, fl 1576, esquire
Bywell, Thomas, fl 1400, Canon of Guisborough and subdeacon
Cadman, John, d 1613, Vicar of Laxton
Caesar, Sir, Charles, 1590-1642, Judge, Court of Audience of Canterbury
Caetani Stefaneschi, Giacomo, 1260-1341, Cardinal Deacon of S. Giorgio in Velabro
Caetani, Francesco, 1256-1317, senior, Archdeacon of Richmond
Cains, Arthur, fl 1576-? 1592, Rector of High Hoyland
Calverley, Joan, fl 1404, Sometime wife of Walter Calverley, knight
Calverton, Master, William, fl 1398, Carmelite Monk
Campsall, John, fl 1305, Acolyte
Canning, William, fl 1577, witness to acts for the confirmation of the election of the Bishop of Carlisle
Canon, William, fl 1398, Rector of Edlington
Cantilupe, William, fl 1305, Patron of Cowthorpe
Capes, Mary, d 1636, of Barnby in the Willows
Capps, John, d ? 1639, of Cawood
Carboni, Francis, d 1405, Archdeacon of York and Papal Penitentiary
Carlton in Lindrick, Stephen, fl 1310, Acolyte
Carnaby, Thomas, fl 1399, Priest
Carp, John, d 1401, Prebendary of Langtoft
Carr, Anne, d ? 1636, of South Duffield, widow
Cart, William, d ? 1644, Rector of Handsworth
Catto, James, fl 1576, legatee of William Nutt
Cauthorn, John, fl 1398, Rector of High Hoyland, one moiety
Cauz, Richard, ? 1285-1316, Bailiff and Receiver of the Archbishop of York in Churchdown
Cave, John, fl 1402, Priest
Cave, Master, Thomas, fl 1318, Receiver of York
Cave, Nicholas, d c 1400, Prebendary in chapel of St Mary and the Holy Angels, York
Cave, Sir, Alexander, fl 1311-1320, Knight, Royal justice; Keeper of lands of the Knights Templar in Yorkshire
Cave, Thomas, fl 1305, recipient of letters dimissory
Cawood, Henry, fl 1314, Poulterer of Archbishop of York
Cawood, William, fl 1400, Canon of Southwell
Caxton, Thomas, fl 1398, Ordinand
Ceccano, Thomas, fl ?-1311, Prebendary of Riccall
Cesson, Galhart, fl 1315-1321, Wine merchant of Gascony
Cetil, Elizabeth, fl 1304, excommunicant
Chaderton, William, d 1608, Bishop of Lincoln
Chadwick, John, c 1565-1631, Rector of Darfield
Chamberlain, Francis, d ? 1647, Rector of Plumtree
Chambers, Oswald, d 1633, Rector of Newton Kyme
Champney, Richard, d ? 1645, Vicar of Stillingfleet
Chandler, William, d ? 1625, Vicar of Barnby in the Willows
Chantrell, William, d ? 1644, Rector of Walkington
Chapman, Francis, d 1616, Vicar of Markham Clinton
Chapman, Richard, d 1634, Vicar of Hunmanby
Chapman, William, d ? 1577, of Stanhope, County Durham
Charles I, 1600-1649, King of England
Charles V, 1337-1380, King of France
Charlton, Master, Humphrey, d by 20 Jan 1383, Archdeacon of Richmond
Charlton, Robert, d 1620, Vicar of Aughton
Chaworth, Thomas, fl 1399, Priest
Chester, Master, Richard, fl 1312-1346, Prebendary of Givendale
Chestirfeld, Ralph, fl 1400, Priest
Chollerton, John, d ? 1585, of Eakring
Clapham, John, fl 1579, Vicar of Thornton Steward
Claphamson, Master, Robert, fl 1624, Notary Public
Clare, Richard, fl 1305-1328, Prebendary of Knaresborough
Clark, Francis, fl 1576-1579, Notary Public
Clark, George, d ? 1601, Vicar of Featherstone
Clark, Nicholas, d ? 1630, Rector of Stanford on Soar
Clark, Reginald, fl 1579, witness to confirmation of Bishop of Chester
Clark, Richard, d 1580, Rector of Langar
Claxton, Thomas, fl 1577, gentleman
Clay, Robert, d 1628, Vicar of Halifax
Clayton, James, d 1639, Rector of Harthill
Clayton, Nicholas, d 1597, Prebendary of Rampton
Clayworth, Margery, fl 1306, Prioress of Kirklees
Clayworth, William, fl 1312-1315, Bailiff of the archbishop in North Soke
Clerke, William, d c 1586, Vicar General of Province of Canterbury
Cleterne, Hugh, fl 1312, Acolyte
Cleterne, Master, William, fl 1312, Clerk; Proctor of the archbishop of York at the Papal Curia
Cliffe, George, d c 1596, Canon of the 12th Prebend, Durham Cathedral
Cliffe, Master, Henry, fl 1313-1333, Prebendary of Apesthorpe
Clifford, Master, John, fl 1375-1393, Treasurer of York
Clifford, Master, Richard, d 1421, senior, Dean of York
Clifford, Robert, fl 1305, knight, 1st Baron Clifford
Clifton, Thomas, d ? 1644, Vicar of Tadcaster
Clifton, Walter, fl 1312, Former Knight Templar
Clough, Robert, fl 1578-1588, Vicar of Whixley
Cloutherom, William, fl 1403, Priest
Clowes, William, d 1611, Rector of Stanton on the Wolds
Clyderowe, Henry, fl 1401, Priest
Clyveland, John, fl 1401, Priest
Coats, George, fl 1615-1640, Rector of Nottingham, St Peter
Cobb, Thomas, d ? 1633, of Askham, yeoman
Cobham, Master, Thomas, c 1265-1327, Precentor of York
Cock, Thomas, fl 1577-c 1592, Chaplain to Archbishop Piers
Cocke, James, d 1591, Prebendary of Langtoft
Cockerell, John, d 1576, Vicar of Burton Fleming
Coe, Stephen, d ? 1614, Rector of Ordsall
Colby, William, d 1336, Dean of York
Cole, Thomas, d ? 1615, Prebendary of Holme Archiepiscopi
Colleigne, Robert, fl 1590-1599, Rural Dean of Warrington
Coller, Thomas, d ? 1623, Rector of Malpas, Lower Moiety
Collie, James, d 1618, Vicar of East Retford
Collingwood, William, d 1618, Rector of South Kilvington
Collingworth, Robert, d 1588, Rector of Holmpton
Collinson, Robert, d 1586, Rector of Gedling, second moiety
Colmore, Clement, d 1619, Canon of the 11th Prebend of Durham Cathedral
Colonna, Giacomo, 1250-1318, Cardinal Deacon of S. Maria in Via Lata
Colonna, Pietro, 1260-1326, Cardinal Deacon of SS. XII Apostoli
Compton, John, fl 1313, Executor of the will of Ralph de Stanford, canon of Ripon
Comyn, Master, William, fl 1296-1312, Chancellor of Glasgow
Comyns, Richard, d ? 1611, Vicar of Felixkirk
Concoreto, Master, Itier, fl 1328-1343, Papal nuncio
Conisborough, Master, Alan, fl 1327-1338, Archbishop's proctor at the Papal Curia
Cononum, William, fl 1404, Prebendary of Kentisburn
Constable, Marmaduke, d ? 1638, Rector of Everingham
Constable, Richard, fl 1304, Rector of Holme upon Spalding Moor
Constable, Robert, d c 1334, Rector of Foston
Constable, Sir, Marmaduke, d 1378, Lord of Flamborough; Holme on Spalding Moor; Nafferton
Constable, William, fl 1304, knight
Conti, Adinulfo, d before 1289, Prebendary of Riccall
Conyers, John, d 1628, Rector of Sneaton
Conyers, Robert, fl 1315, Payee of Archbishop of York
Conyers, Thomas, fl 1312-1315, Sequestrator in the Archdeaconries of York, Nottingham, the East Riding and Cleveland
Conyngeston, Master, Richard, fl 1405, Archbishop's chancellor
Conyngston, Master, Richard, d 1412, Archdeacon of York
Cook, Alexander, d ? 1632, Vicar of Leeds
Cook, John, fl 1579, Lettered
Cook, Peter, d 1625, Rector of Sutton upon Derwent
Cook, Robert, d ? 1615, Vicar of Leeds
Cooke, Tristram, fl 1583-1593, ? Patron of Scalby vicarage
Cookson, Roger, fl 1576, of Ellerton
Cookson, Thomas, d 1626, Vicar of Brodsworth
Cooper, Henry, d ? 1625, Rector of Rise
Cooper, Thomas, c 1517-1594, Bishop of Winchester
Coppinger, Ambrose, d 1644, Prebendary of Apesthorpe
Corbridge, Thomas, d 1304, Archbishop of York
Cornell, William, fl 1398, Franciscan Monk; Cursor
Corney, John, d 1643, Vicar of Orton
Corney, Thomas, fl 1586-1631, Rector of York St Cuthbert
Cortlingstock, John, fl 1313, Bailiff of Southwell
Coryngham, Master, Roger, d. February 1412, Dean of Wimborne Minster, Dorset
Cosin, John, 1595-1672, Bishop of Durham
Cotes, John, fl 1403, Priest
Cottam, Master, Alan, fl 1309-1322, Chancellor of Beverley
Cottingham, John, fl 1318, Clerk
Cottingham, Robert, d 1319, Prebendary of Fridaythorpe; King's Clerk
Coulton, George, d ? 1632, Rector of Hemley, Suffolk
Coulton, Ralph, d 1582, Archdeacon of Cleveland
Coumbe, William, fl 1313, Lender of money to the Archbishop
Couper, William, fl 1403, Priest
Coupland, John, fl 1314, Vicar of Beverley, St John
Courmayeur, Master, Simon, fl 1287-1315, Canon of Southwell
Courteenhall, John, fl 1304, Rector of Kimberley
Cowling, Francis, d ? 1630, Rector of Kirk Sandall
Cowper, John, fl 1594, Chaplain to Archbishop Piers
Craddock, Joseph, fl 1628, Clerk (in Holy Orders)
Cragg, John, fl 1558-1592, Fellow of St Catharine's College, Cambridge
Crathorn, Robert, fl 1399, Clerk and Sub deacon, Rector of Crathorne
Craucombe, Master, John, d 1308, Archdeacon of the East Riding
Craucombe, Master, John, fl 1313, junior, Executor of Master John de Craucombe, archdeacon of the East Riding
Craven, Henry , fl 1312, Former Knight Templar
Craven, John, d ? 1647, Vicar of Harworth
Craven, Master, R, fl 1305, Priest
Craven, Master, Robert, fl 1304, Rector of Bolton by Bowland
Crawford, d ? 1633, of ? North Leverton
Crayk, Brother, William, fl 1401, Canon of Marton
Cressop, John, fl 1398, Franciscan Monk
Cressop, William, fl 1401, Priest
Cressy, Hugh, d ? 1593, Rector of Wilford
Cressy, Robert, d 1581, Commissary of Archbishop of York
Creton, Walter, fl 1305, Sequestrator of the church of Cowthorpe
Crofton, Brother, John, fl 1404, Prior of Monk Bretton priory
Croka, Thomas, fl 1400, Rector of Cowthorpe
Crosby, Thomas, d ? 1642, Rector of Kirby Sigston
Croson, William, d ? 1603, Vicar of Wysall
Cross, James, fl 1574, legatee of Robert Paley
Cross, Latimer, d ? 1646, Rector of Cotgrave, second moiety
Cross, William, d ? 1599, Vicar of Swine
Crossdale, Brian, d ? 1613, Vicar of Ledsham
Crosseby, John, fl 1399, In minor orders (unspecified)
Crossland, George, d 1636, Vicar of Almondbury
Crosthwaite, James, d 1579, Prebendary of Thockrington
Crowther, John, d 1632, Rector of Swillington
Crull, Robert, fl 1377-1409, Prebendary of Fridaythorpe
Culpepper, Martyn, d 1605, Vice Chancellor of Oxford University
Culverwell, Samuel, d ? 1613, Rector of Cherry Burton
Currer, Walter, d 1603, Rector of Linton in Craven
Curte Major, Master, Simon, fl 1306, Canon of Southwell
Curteys, Richard, d 1582, Bishop of Chichester
Curwen, Cuthbert, d 1640, Rector of Arthuret
Cusworth, Zachary, d ? 1618, Rector of Elvington
Cuthbert, Jane, d ? 1636, of Romanby, widow
Cutler, Thomas, fl 1593-1594, Lessee of Silkstone Rectory
D'Aux, Arnaud, d 1320, Cardinal Bishop of Albano
Daintith, Charles, c 1557-1595, Vicar of Kirk Ella
Daintith, Gabriel, fl 1576, executor of Henry Daintith
Daintith, Henry, d 1576, Rector of Averham
Daintith, Henry, fl 1576, executor and legatee of Henry Daintith
Daintith, John, fl 1576, legatee of Henry Daintith
Daintith, William, fl 1576, legatee of Henry Daintith
Dakins, Robert, d ? 1597, Rector of Foxholes
Dal, Nicholas, fl 1312-1313, Pauper in receipt of charitable gifts from the Archbishop of York
Dalby, Robert, fl 1304, Vicar of St Mary's Nottingham
Dalby, Thomas, d 1400, Archdeacon of Richmond
Dalderby, John, d 1320, Bishop of Lincoln
Dalderby, Master, Peter, fl 1305-1340, Precentor of Lincoln
Dalton, Francis, d ? 1620, Rector of Kirby Misperton
Dalton, Master, Robert, fl 1379-1390, Master of the Hospital of St Mary Magdalene, Ripon
Dalton, Ralph, fl 1313-1314, Bailiff of the Archbishop of York at Hexham
Danby Wiske, John, fl 1312, Clerk (in Holy Orders)
Danby, Henry, d ? 1632, of Thornton le Beans, gentleman
Dangarde, John, d 1594, Prebendary of Warthill
Danold, Robert, d ? 1578, Rector of Handley
Darel, John, fl 1305-1309, Rector of Elvington
Davenport, Ralph, fl 1518, of Henbury
Davies, Lancelot, d 1605, Vicar of Rillington
Dawes, Lancelot, d ? 1660, Canon of the 1st Prebend, Carlisle Cathedral
Dawtrey, John, fl 1318-1327, of Full Sutton
Dayne, Robert, d 1596, Rector of Linton in Craven
Deacon, Jeremy, d 1640, Rector of Epperstone
Deane, Master, Peter, fl 1308-1322, Vicar-General of Archbishop of York
Deen, John, ? d 1400, Chaplain
Degyll, Richard, fl 1399, Rector of Bolton Percy
Den, Galhart, fl 1313, Wine merchant ?
Denery, John, fl 1318, Rector of Doddinghurst
Denham, Nicholas, d 1628, Rector of Kirk Bramwith
Denman, William, d ? 1588, Rector of Ordsall
Denne, John, d c 1660, Prebendary of Bilton
Dent, William, fl 1579, of Gilmanby, yeoman
Derfeld, William, fl 1399, Vicar of Darfield
Despenser, Sir, Hugh
Dethick, Henry, fl 1587-1610, Archdeacon of Carlisle
Deuza, Gaucelin Johannis, d 1348, Canon of Cahors; Treasurer of Lichfield; Prebendary of Driffield
Devereux, Thomas, fl 1305, Rector of Sandal Magna
Dewhurst, William, d c 1629, Rector of Tatham
Deyvill, Thomas, fl 1315, Bailiff of Ripon
Dickinson, William, d 1639, Vicar of Rotherham
Dickons, John, fl 1577, Notary Public
Dickson, Robert, d 1614, Rector of Darfield
Digges, James, fl 1579, witness to consecration of Bishop of Chester
Diggles, Christopher, d 1601, Prebendary of Centum Solidorum, Lincoln Cathedral
Diggles, James, fl 1590, Clerk (in Holy Orders)
Dilke, Thomas, d 1578, Rector of Cotgrave, second moiety
Dineley, John, fl 1576, witness to deputation of judges
Dixon, Thomas, d 1588, Vicar of Hampsthwaite
Dobbinson, Anthony, fl 1576, of Penrith
Dobbs, Robert, d 1620, Vicar of Womersley
Dockree, Robert, d 1641, Vicar of Giggleswick
Dodd, Richard, d 1607, Rector of Gotham
Dodson, Richard, d ? 1613, Rector of Kirkby Overblow
Dodson, Thomas, d ? 1612, Rector of Goodmanham
Dodsworth, Edward, d 1680, Rector of Badsworth
Dodsworth, Matthew, fl 1590-c 1625, Chancellor of York
Dolman, Ralph, d ? 1619, Rector of Everingham
Doncaster, Sir, John, fl 1302-1323, Knight, Royal justice
Done, William, d 1578, of Manchester, barber and painter
Dorrington, William, fl 1578-1587, Rector of Handley
Dorset, Robert, d 1580, Dean of Chester
Dowe, Richard, d ? 1591, Vicar of Aughton
Downham, William, c 1510-1577, Bishop of Chester
Dowring, Robert, fl 1576, witness to will of Humphrey Gabbitas
Doyly, Roger, fl 1305, Rector of Bolton Percy
Drake, Thomas, d ? 1644, Rector of Thornton in Craven
Drensfield, Robert, fl 1400, Clerk
Driffield, Hugh, fl 1312-1313, Household chaplain and almoner of the Archbishop of York
Dring, John, d 1603, Rector of Hilston
Drinkell, William, fl 1589, ? Apparitor
Dry, Ralph, d ? 1638, Vicar of Sheriff Hutton
Duck, William, d 1581, Rector of Thornton le Moors
Dudley, Arthur, d c 1577, Prebendary of Colwich, Lichfield Cathedral
Dudley, Robert, fl 1569-1581, Prebendary of Wetwang
Dugard, Thomas, d ? 1636, Vicar of Long Preston
Duggylby, John, fl 1405, Priest
Duluc, Arnaut, fl 1313, Wine merchant ?
Duncombe, John, fl 1576-1600, Prebendary of Givendale
Dunkon, Eleazar, d 1660, Prebendary of Knaresborough
Dunne, d ? 1636, of Withernwick
Dutton, William, d 1643, Rector of York St Cuthbert
Duxfield, William, fl 1577, Commissary of Archbishop of York in Hexham and Hexhamshire
Dymock, John, fl 1313, Late Keeper of the Archbishop of York's manor by Westminster
Dyson, John, fl 1576, witness to will of William Nutt
Easdall, William, d ? 1644, Vicar General of Province of York
Easington, Brother, Richard, fl 1402, Carmelite Monk
Ebden, John, d 1614, Prebendary of Bugthorpe
Ebor', Adam, fl 1401, Canon of Marton
Ebreston, Brother, John, fl 1311, Former Knight Templar
Edge, James, d 1578, Vicar of Kippax
Edmondson, Thomas, fl 1589, Lettered
Edrington, Ambrose, fl 1578, Commissary of Archbishop of York
Edward I, 1239-1307, King of England
Edward II, 1284-1327, King of England
Edward III, 1312-1377, King of England
Edward VI, 1537-1553, King of England
Edward, 1330-1376, Prince of Wales
Edward, Thomas, d 1579, Rector of Halsam
Edwards, Thomas, d 1639, Rector of Kirkby Overblow
Elizabeth I, 1533-1603, Queen of England
Ellerbek, Thomas, fl 1399, Chaplain of Hutton Rudby
Ellerker, Edward, fl 1576, esquire
Ellerker, John, fl 1318, Rector of Full Sutton
Ellerker, John, fl 1348-1351, Archdeacon of Cleveland
Ellingham, Thomas, fl 1318, King's Clerk; Parson of Settrington
Ellis, Richard, d ? 1633, of Gowdall, clothier
Ellis, Thomas, d 1626, Vicar of Darton
Ellis, William, d ? 1638, Vicar of Beverley St Mary
Ellot, Ann, fl 1576, legatee of Henry Daintith
Ellot, John, fl 1576, legatee of Henry Daintith
Elmeden, Alan, fl 1400, Canon of Guisborough and subdeacon
Elmeswell, Robert, fl 1402-1404, Vicar of the prebendal church of Strensall
Elmhurst, William, d ? 1638, Vicar of Ledsham
Elso, Henry, d 1563, Rector of Burnsall, one moiety
Elswick, John, d 1601, Vicar of Atwick
Elton, Robert, fl 1304, Rector of Boughton
Elughton, Richard, fl 1404, Priest
Elvet, John, fl 1395-1404, Prebendary of Langtoft
Elvington, Robert, d ? 1628, Rector of Normanton on Soar
Elys, Roger, fl 1404, Priest
Emesay, Brother, Robert, fl 1399, Canon of Drax
Emmerford, Giles, fl 1577, witness to acts for the confirmation of the election of the Bishop of Carlisle
Emmerford, Stephen, fl 1577, witness to acts for confirmation of election of Bishop of Carlisle
Emmerson, George, d ? 1630, of Eastgate, Stanhope, County Durham
Emmeswell, Robert, fl 1400, Priest
Emmott, Alexander, d 1624, Rector of Bolton by Bowland
Empingham, Brother, Ralph, fl 1311-1314, Receiver of the Archbishop of York at Hexham
Empringham, Michael, d 1578, gentleman
Ermyn, Thomas, fl 1399, Chaplain of Castel
Eryom, Richard, d before 1 November 1338, Prebendary of Ulleskelf
Esby, John, fl 1312, Executor of the testament of William Jafford, archbishop's receiver at York
Esk, Brother, Thomas, fl 1400, Carmelite Monk
Esseholt, John, fl 1399, Priest
Esyngwald, Master, Roger, fl 1402, Clerk and Rector of Foston
Etherington, George, d ? 1646, Rector of Middleton on the Wolds
Eton, Nicholas, fl 1311-1315, Archbishop's Household Clerk
Etton, Robert, fl 1312, Intermediary of Archbishop of York and Prior of Watton
Eure, Robert, fl 1306, Rector of Welbury
Eure, Thomas, fl 1305-1306, Rector of Kirby in Cleveland
Evans, Edward, d 1641, Rector of Oswaldkirk
Evans, Henry, d 1579, Vicar of Rothwell
Eveleigh, James, d ? 1660, Prebendary of Wetwang
Everard, Andrew, d 1639, Rector of Kirby Underdale
Everard, John, fl 1314, Reeve of Wilton
Eyre, Reresby, d ? 1641, Vicar of Darton
Fairfax, Henry, d 1665, Prebendary of Fridaythorpe
Fairfax, Master, Thomas, fl 1577, Proctor of Bishop of Carlisle elect
Fairfax, Stephen, fl 1577, witness to acts for the confirmation of the election of the Bishop of Carlisle
Fairfax, Thomas, d ? 1640, junior, Canon of the 2nd Prebend, Carlisle Cathedral
Fairweather, Ellen, d ? 1632, of Riccall, widow
Falguieres, Arnaud, d 1317, Cardinal Bishop of Sabina
Fangfoss, Robert, fl 1305, Vicar of Ganton
Fanshawe, Thomas, c 1533-1601, Queen's Remembrancer of the Exchequer
Farefax, Master, Brian, fl 1399, Rector of Gilling
Fargis, Bertrand, fl 1308-1322, Archdeacon of the East Riding
Farley, John, fl 1576, Notary Public and Proctor of the Consistory Court of York
Fauconberg, John, fl 1313
Favour, John, c 1557-1624, Precentor of York
Fawcett, Alexander, d 1590, Vicar of Leeds
Fawcett, Edward, fl 1576, Notary Public and Proctor of the Consistory Court of York
Fawcett, Richard, d 1610, Canon of the 9th Prebend, Durham Cathedral
Fawcett, William, d 1599, Vicar of Paull
Fawdon, William, fl 1403, Rector of Brant Broughton
Fawdoner, Master, John, fl 1398, Franciscan Monk; Custodian
Fawkes, Edward, d 1579, Proctor, of Consistory Court of York
Feild, Theophilus, c 1575-1636, Bishop of Llandaff
Fenay, Giles, fl 1579-? 1594, Notary Public
Fenne, William, fl 1318, Former Knight Templar
Fenton, Henry, d ? 1641, of Copmanthorpe, yeoman
Feron, Robert, d ? 1616, Vicar of Skipsea
Ferriby, Robert, fl 1318, Acolyte
Ferrour, Brother, Thomas, fl 1403, Canon of Bolton in Craven
Feryby, Master, William, fl 1393-1409, Archdeacon of the East Riding
Fewell, Christopher, fl 1574-1582, Rector of Beverley St Nicholas
Fiddes, Christopher, d ? 1637, Vicar of Nafferton
Field, William, d ? 1610, Vicar of East Markham
Fiennes, Gregory, 1558-1594, 10th Baron Dacre, courtier
Fieschi, Luca, c 1270-1336, Cardinal Deacon of S Maria in via Lata
Firbank, Robert, d ? 1622, Vicar of Thirkleby
Fisher, Henry, fl 1576-1577, Rector of St Michael Spurriergate, York
Fisher, William, d ? 1636, of Stillington
FitzAlan, Eleanor, c 1284-1328, daughter of Richard FitzAlan, 8th Earl of Arundel; wife of Sir Henry Percy, 1st Baron Percy
FitzRandall, John, d 1580, Rector of Winestead
FitzWilliam, Sir, Ralph, fl 1315, ? Member of FitzWilliam family
Flathers, Marmaduke, d ? 1637, Rector of Hemsworth
Flathers, Martin, d ? 1633, Rector of Leathley
Flathers, William, d 1638, Archdeacon of Northumberland
Flemmyng, Richard, fl 1403, Clerk
Flemyng, Nicholas, fl 1311-1319, Lord Mayor of York
Fletcher, Francis, d ? 1620, Vicar of Tickhill
Flete, John, fl 1318, Rector of Bartlow
Flete, John, fl 1397-1403, Abbot of West Dereham
Flintham, William, fl 1576, of Retford
Flower, George, d 1583, Canon of the 4th Prebend, Carlisle Cathedral
Foljambe, Godfrey, ? 1558-1595, ? Member of Parliament
Folketon, Robert, fl 1401, Priest
Fontibus, John, fl 1305, Rector of Kirkby Overblow
Foot, John, d 1623, Vicar of Kildwick
Ford, Anthony, d 1579, Succentor of Canons of York Minster
Forde, Philip, fl 1605, Prebendary of Stillington
Fordham, John, d 1425, Bishop of Durham
Forest, William, fl 1404, Priest
Forester, Thomas, d 1399, Prebendary of Givendale and Skelton, Ripon Collegiate Church
Forges, Raymond Guillaume, d 1346, Cardinal Deacon of S. Maria Nuova
Forman, Christopher, d ? 1641, Rector of Gedling, second moiety
Forman, Thomas, d 1592, Vicar of Swine
Forrest, Anthony, d 1576, Vicar of Gargrave
Forsett, Brother, Thomas, fl 1400, Carmelite Monk
Forster, William, d 1635, Bishop of Sodor and Man
Foster, Christopher, fl 1592, Notary Public and Proctor
Foster, William, d 1639, Vicar of Whenby
Foston, Brother, John, fl 1402, Canon of West Dereham, diocese Norwich
Foston, Robert, fl 1398, Franciscan Monk; Cursor
Fothergill, William, fl 1576-1577, Deputy Principal Registrar of York
Fouldes, John, d ? 1617, Vicar of North Wheatley
Four, Vital, 1260-1327, Cardinal Bishop of Albano
Fowler, Humphrey, fl 1576-1600, Prebendary of Woodborough, Southwell Minster
Foxholes, John, fl 1402-1403, Scholar
Franceys, Master, John, fl 1405, Former rector of Kirby in Cleveland
Frankland, Richard, fl 1576, Registrar of Chancery and Consistory Courts of York
Fraunces, Master, John, fl 1402, Rector of Kirby in Cleveland
Fraunceys, Master, John, d 1314, Chancery clerk
Freauville, Nicolas, 1250-1323, Cardinal Priest of S. Eusebio
Frere, Thomas, fl 1314, of Doncaster
Freston, Robert, fl 1398, Chaplain
Fretwell, Roger, d 1609, Rector of Dinnington
Freville, Sir, Baldwin
Furnival, Sir, Thomas, c 1270-1332, 1st Lord Furnival
Gabbitas, Alexander, fl 1576, of Darlton
Gabbitas, Ellen, fl 1576, legatee of Humphrey Gabbitas
Gabbitas, Humphrey, d 1576, Vicar of Walesby
Gaddesby, Walter, fl 1312, Former Knight Templar
Gallant, Stephen, fl 1574, legatee of Robert Paley
Galley, John, d ? 1615, Rector of High Hoyland
Gardner, Thomas, d ? 1645, Vicar of Sutton on the Forest
Garford, Dennis, d ? 1620, Rector of Folkton
Garforth, Anthony, fl 1576-1577, Rector of Washington
Gargrave, Sir, Cotton, c 1540-1588, Sheriff of Yorkshire
Gargrave, Sir, Thomas, c 1495-1579, Sheriff of Yorkshire
Gargrave, Thomas, c 1560-1595, son of Sir Cotton Gargrave
Garlick, Ralph, fl 1576, Curate of Hockerton
Garnett, Thomas, d 1577, Vicar of Felkirk
Garth, George, d 1606, Rector of Clayworth
Garton, Thomas, fl 1399, Vicar of York, St John (Delpike)
Garves, Bernard, d 1328, Cardinal Priest of S. Clemente
Gascony, Guilhem, fl 1314, Wine merchant
Gaudibus, Gilbert, fl 1304, Vicar of the altar of St Nicholas, York, Holy Trinity
Gaunt, John, 1340-1399, Duke of Lancaster
Gaunt, Thomas, fl 1399, Clerk
Gaynesburgh, Robert, fl 1398, Vicar of Maltby
Geoffrey, d 1212, Archbishop of York
Gervase, Thomas, d c 1637, of Handsworth, smith
Gibbons, Marmaduke, d 1633, Rector of York St Martin Micklegate
Gibson, Edward, fl 1579, of Staveley, gentleman
Gibson, Isaac, fl 1557-1579, Rector of Staveley
Gibson, James, d 1588, Rector of Roos
Gibson, John, fl 1576, witness of will of Roger Carter
Gibson, Master, John, fl 1576, Official of Consistory Court of York
Gibson, Robert, d 1588, Rector of Kirkheaton
Gibson, Robert, fl 1576, of Easington
Gibson, Sir, John, d 1613, knight; Precentor of York
Gibson, Thomas, fl 1606-1641, Rector of Scaleby
Gibson, William, fl 1578, Apparitor
Gibson, William, fl 1578, senior, Sacrist of York Minster
Giffard, Sir, John, 1287-1322, Knight
Giffard, Walter, c 1225-1279, Archbishop of York
Gilpin, Luke, d 1587, Archdeacon of Derby
Gilpin, Richard, d ? 1614, Rector of Aldingham
Gimney, Richard, d ? 1635, Vicar of East Stoke
Gisburn, William, ? d 1400, Prebendary in chapel of St Mary and the Holy Angels, York
Gledhill, Hugh, d 1581, Vicar of Huddersfield St Peter
Goad, Roger, 1538-1610, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University
Godin, Guillaume Pierre, 1260-1336, Cardinal Bishop of Sabina
Goldston, Roger, fl 1312-1314, Bailiff of the Archbishop of York at Beverley
Goodman, Christopher, d 1603, Archdeacon of Richmond
Goodrich, John, d ? 1611, Rector of Treswell, west moiety
Goodwin, Anthony, d ? 1628, Rector of Rawmarsh
Goodwyn, William, fl 1590-1611, Chancellor of York
Goutley, Dorothy, d ? 1637, of Ragnall, widow
Gower, William, fl 1632, Apparitor General of York
Gowton, John, d 1612, Rector of Welbury
Grace, Robert, d 1612, Rector of Averham
Grafton, William, fl 1312, senior, Former Knight Templar
Grahi, Sir, Thomas, fl 1311
Gras, Simon, fl 1311, Rector of Linton in Craven
Gray, Walter, d 1255, Archbishop of York
Gray, William, d ? 1646, Rector of Roos
Greaves, William, d ? 1646, Rector of Nuthall
Green, Brother, Thomas, fl 1400, Franciscan Monk
Green, Elizabeth, fl 1576, legatee of Henry Daintith
Green, John, d c 1599, Prebendary of Dunnington
Green, John, fl 1574, legatee of Robert Paley
Green, Richard, d 1564, Vicar of Burton Agnes
Green, Richard, fl 1579, Bailiff of Bowes
Green, Robert, fl 1576, Chaplain of the Chapel Royal
Green, William, d 1600, Vicar of Burton Agnes
Green, William, d 1640, Prebendary of Dunnington
Green, William, d ? 1592, Rector of Kilvington
Green, William, fl 1578-? 1596, Rector of Barningham
Greenfield, Master, William, c 1255-1315, Archbishop of York
Greenfield, Robert, d 1314, Brother of Archbishop Greenfield
Greenfield, William, fl 1304-1315, Nephew of Archbishop Greenfield
Greenleaf, John, fl 1576, of Newark
Greenside, Elizabeth, fl 1576, of Retford
Greensides, Henry, d after 1640, of Hagghouse by the Minster Milns, Brotherton
Greenwood, Charles, d 1643, Rector of Thornhill
Gregorie, Christopher, d 1600, Archdeacon of York
Gretton, Thomas, fl 1576, legatee of Henry Daintith
Greystoke, John, c 1262-1306, 1st Baron Greystoke
Grimsby, John, fl 1398, Franciscan Monk; Warden
Grimsby, Robert, fl 1314, Clerk of the toll and serjeant of the borough of Beverley
Grimston, Henry, d ? 1592, Rector of Cowlam
Grimston, Martin, fl 1305, Vicar of Felixkirk
Grimston, Richard, fl 1304, Rector of a third part of the church of Goodmanham
Grimston, Sir, Roger, fl 1304-1318, Patron of Goodmanham
Grimston, Thomas, fl 1304, Rector of two parts of the church of Goodmanham
Grimston, William, fl 1305, Vicar of Hooton Pagnell
Grindal, Edmund, c 1516-1583, Archbishop of Canterbury
Grubbe, Adam, fl 1312, Reeve of Scrooby
Gunthorpe, William, d 1400, Prebendary of Weighton
Guyly, William, fl 1305, Rector of Eastwood
Gylby, Master, John, fl 1405, Archbishop's registrar
Gylmyn, Robert, fl 1576, Gaoler
Gyloth, Master, William, fl 1403, Vicar of Lydd, diocese Canterbury
Gysburn, William, fl 1399, Rector of St Helen, Stonegate, York
Haddlesey, Robert, d 1621, Rector of Catwick
Hadilsay, Richard, fl 1400-1402, Vicar of Whitkirk
Haigh, Nicholas, fl 1576, Rector of Winthorpe
Haisthorpe, Stephen, fl 1305, Vicar of Wold Newton
Halbisser, Emma, fl 1402-1403, daughter of John Halbisser
Haldan, Nicholas, fl 1318, Proctor of John of Cottingham, clerk
Halghton, Brother, Richard, fl 1305, Prior of Monk Bretton
Halham, Alan, fl 1398, Franciscan Monk
Hall, Edward, fl 1576, witness to will of William Nutt
Hall, Humphrey, d ? 1627, Rector of Patrington
Hall, James, fl 1576, senior; legatee of William Nutt